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Summer is finally here and we’re spending a lot more time outdoors. Typically, in Canada, this involves going out for a drink on the patio or just spending more time in nature enjoying the beautiful warm weather for as long as we can. However, not everyone has time to go out or leave the city as often as they’d like. So, creating your own enjoyable and relaxing oasis right outside your door is the next best thing or even the BEST thing! You’ll have your friends and family wondering why you never want to leave the house, and it won’t be because of Netflix… this time.

Now, how to create this magical retreat right outside your door? To help you brainstorm some designs, here are a few tips and suggestions to get you inspired!


Just like rooms in your house, creating different sections in your backyard will create a feeling of separation from one area to another. Perfect for feeling away while staying right at home. This can be done in various ways such as trails, pathways, greenery, or even creating different levels in your backyard.

Sectioning Backyard: Pinterest Board


Having a patio table right outside your door is great for convenience but having it a little bit farther away from the home will, again, create a feeling of separation. Just make sure the BBQ and wine fridge aren’t too far away, of course; you don’t want your retreat to turn into an inconvenience. Also, it is very trendy to choose outside furniture and décor that resembles the layout and feel of a dining/living room that you would normally see inside a home. The idea of this is to create that homie and personalized feeling that you would have inside your home.

Dining/Living Room Outside: Pinterest Board


Continuing with the “bringing the indoors outside” theme, building a canape, pergola, or choosing a location under vegetation will create a cozy and an enclosed feeling to your outside space. This is the perfect way to create privacy if you have close neighbours and add some visual dimension into the space. You won’t have to worry about your nosy neighbor anymore and you’ll have a beautiful enclosed oasis. It’s a win, win!

Ceilings & Accent Walls: Pinterest Board


This is where you can inject some more fun in your backyard with some upbeat colour or piece of furniture that you wouldn’t normally put in your house. It’s very trendy in 2018 to have a bright colour or pattern that you can add with pillows, flower pots, and other small pieces of décor. Also, refurbished furniture, or furniture that looks like it’s been refurbished, is very much still in style as well as the 60’s and 70’s retro look which you can have a lot of fun with outside.

Style & Pop of Colour: Pinterest Board

Having a place to escape to and relax at home can be a wonderful part to enjoying summer, especially when you have a busy schedule. We hope these suggestions gave you some ideas on how to create your own personal retreat or just enhance your oasis experience at home!

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