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Whether you’ve already gone to school, have kids going back to school, or are going back yourself, this is roughly around the time when we start thinking about shifting our routines for the fall. The urgency to prepare and organize comes over us, especially when we see a list of school supplies and all the extracurricular activities the kids are signed up for.

There’s no surprise that organization is key to having things run smoothly. Whether it’s the house, your calendar, or finances, this is a great time to re-evaluate and establish a new routine after summer. And since this is a time when our energy and motivation is running at a high, you might as well take advantage of it!

Whether you’re planning on organizing just yourself, the kids, or the whole household, having an efficient and organized space is a great first step.

Here are some stylish and creative ideas for your at-home workspace:


We all need a little help sometimes remembering our to-do lists. Whether it’s grocery lists, scheduled appointments, or upcoming events, a notice board is a great visual tool to keep yourself on track. Not only do notice boards function as a reminder, but are a popular design trend and come in a variety of styles and materials to choose from: Cork, Wire, Acrylic, Chalk, etc.

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Shelving is a pretty obvious solution to getting organized, but we forget just how versatile they can be in almost any room and space. By just adding some floating shelves, dividers, or cubbies, you can create more area in your home for your things while adding some dimension and style to the room.

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Some of us don’t have the luxury of having a separate room for an office so finding space at home can be a little tricky. This is where you can be creative and look for space where you wouldn’t normally consider like an unused closet or storage space. This option allows for you to create your own office space and can even increase the square footage of your home.

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As home prices and population increase, the square footage in our homes decrease, which means people are acquiring less furniture but also demanding more from it. Designers are therefore becoming more innovative at creating products and spaces that are stylish yet multifunctional. That said, limiting a space or a piece of furniture to only one purpose and function has become old news. Even if space is not an issue, having less furniture and more functionally can help declutter and organize an office space.

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The thought of summer coming to an end and getting organized does not excite most of us, but creating a stylish new workspace might make it a little easier to get started. Hopefully these creative workspace ideas helped inspire you to take on the new school year with less stress and more excitement!

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