Team plays beach volleyball indoors.

QMS Heads to The Beach

A meeting at the beach in the middle of winter? Yes, please!

The Quantus team had our quarterly team meeting at The Beach YYC mixing business with a little bit of sandy fun. These meetings are great opportunities for our brokers to ask questions, discuss unique lending situations, and solve business problems.

Cara Ball reflected on the day and all the information that came from the meeting.

“Information about specific lenders and about where to go and who is easiest, and just all the great people and ideas.”

Play Hard

After business wrapped up, the team hit the sand for some beach volleyball. Lending partners also joined the afternoon and the competition dialled up. For Melissa Tobia, the most recent addition to the QMS underwriting team, this was her first quarterly meeting.

I think it’s always good to get people together. Talk about lender quirks, any issues, concerns, triumphs that they’ve had in the industry. It’s always good to pass along those tips and tricks.

Thank you to all our brokers and lending partners who attended the meeting. We are very excited to plan our next gathering and continue to help build our business.

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