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Backyard Bliss

Summer is finally here and we’re spending a lot more time outdoors. Typically, in Canada, this involves going out for a drink on the patio or just spending more time in nature enjoying the beautiful warm weather for as long as we can. However, not...

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Another Family Helped! The Warren Family

As many of you already know, Quantus is the proud founder of Community Key and a percentage of every mortgage funded through Quantus goes to families in need.  We are very passionate about our charity, so we like to share some of the stories of families...

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Tax Season is Upon Us

At this time of year, many people are starting to think about reorganizing and looking over their finances. That said, it’s a great time to re-evaluate, make goals, and research options that could improve your financial well being. Like: Investing Home renovations, repairs, or remodelling Securing a lower mortgage...

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RRSP or Mortgage?

The year is underway! Some of us might have already given up on our resolution(s) and many of us have yet to start. Maybe our resolutions were too strict, not realistic, or we just need to revise them a touch. Regardless, we can all agree that there...

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Decor: Trendy Indoor Houseplants for 2018

Staying focused on your goals takes a lot of work and dedication in the cold winter months. We can all relate that keeping motivated and productive on a dark - 20 degree day is tough, especially if we have the option to stay under the warm covers...

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A Time for Giving!

What an amazing way to end the year! Even through all the changes the mortgage industry faced, we managed to turn our challenges into opportunities and achieve another successful year at Quantus. Having said that, there are many Canadians, especially in Alberta, that have had...

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