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Interest Rates Have Increased!

How will you be affected?

As we expected, the federal bank has increased the overnight rate by a 1/4% on Wednesday.

After years of being at the same rate, the increase was inevitable. The good news is that this means the government is feeling good about Canada’s economy and felt the need to soften inflation going forward. The bad news is, this may affect your interest rates on many different financial products.

QMS Annual Conference 2017

For the second year in a row we had our annual conference in Kelowna! Our conference was packed full of fun activities, amazing venues, and wine touring to top it off.  Also, we had a very educational conference with a couple guest speakers: Scott Peckford,...

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Top Picks! Canadian Recreational Properties 2017


Summer time brings Canadians out of hibernation and on the road/sky to their favourite destination, which at some point of the summer, involves going to a property at or near a lake in Canada. Vacation and Recreational homes, a place to escape to and get a little nature in, is just a part of our Canadian culture.


2017 Backyard Summer Trends

Are you prepared for Summer?! This gonna be a hot one! What better way to enjoy this amazing weather than outside; More specifically, on a beautiful, patio, deck, backyard, etc. If you do love to spend time outside but don’t really know what to do...

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Foreign Tax in Canada



The province of Ontario is now proposing a 15 per cent foreign tax on residential properties in the Greater Golden-Horseshoe. The legislation is an effort to cool down the real estate markets in Canada’s two major cities. If it is passed, it would apply from today (April 21, 2017).

New Year, New Adventures!

It’s the beginning of a new year and time to start making new memories for 2017! What has always been on your bucket list that you have never gotten around to doing? It’s a good time to start a list of things you want to...

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Quantus Mortgage Solutions- Looking Back on 2016

"2016 was a year of huge challenges, but also great accomplishments. We saw more regulatory changes in the year, than any of the past twenty. Sometimes we wondered if the mortgage industry would ever recover from the massive changes implemented this past year! Not only did...

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