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Why The *#%$ Are My Insurance Rates Going Up?

There is nothing more frustrating than getting your insurance renewal notice and seeing the price go up, regardless if you made a claim or not. Some factors are in your control and, unfortunately, some are not. Economical has released this great summary.   But are there other...

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Man covering face with text on photo, "1/3 of those in a relationship keep financial secrets from their partner"

Financial Infidelity

The Financial Infidelity Survey, commissioned by Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) and Credit Canada found that: 34% of those in a relationship keep financial secrets from their current romantic partner 36% of those in a relationship have lied about a financial matter to a partner. Younger adults who...

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Home Auto Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if some things just worked? Life isn’t always easy as it should be. It seems that everything takes multiple steps and phone calls to get (what should be) a simple thing done. We are fixing this. We are proud to announce the launch of...

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