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We're A 2020 CMP Top Brokerage!

Canadian Mortgage Professional recognized us as a 2020 Top Brokerage...they know who we are right?

Honestly though, we're honoured to be nationally recognized. We wouldn't be here without our amazing team who, like many, have had a year unlike any other. You can preview the interview with co-owners, Paul Bojakli and Todd Fralic, below.

Question: What has your brokerage done in the last year to navigate challenges and achieve success?

Todd: More than anything, we’ve done our best to ensure no one on our team feels alone. We’ve relied on Zoom, not just for lender and training sessions, but just general check-in sessions with no agenda at all so everyone can see the team, support each other personally, and still enjoy a virtual drink together.

Paul: We’ve always been a very tight group, so losing the ability to meet in-person all together has been challenging. We found a way to have some fun though, hosting a team trivia night where a few of the questions were about the team. Somehow, I didn’t win the best-dressed Quantus broker category.

Question: What do you do to ensure you’re serving customers to the best of your abilities?

Todd: I think the key here is flexibility. It’s adapting to meeting and communicating in the form our clients feel comfortable with, but also the ability to quickly adapt to industry changes. This is ongoing in our industry but was multiplied this year because of COVID.

Paul: To do what’s right for the client every time has been a Quantus principle since Day 1. We took being classified as an essential service very seriously and with all the noise occurring around us, our “do what’s right” principle never changes. As our team supports that goal, we always find a way to wow our clients.

Congrats to all the other brokerages recognized this year. Cheers!


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