Providing an Essential Service

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

What can we say that already hasn’t been said. These past few weeks we have seen unprecedented changes in how we interact with each other and how we live our day-to-day lives. We see our jobs now as more important than ever. We’re here, helping people navigate questions about mortgage deferrals, refinancing, and budgeting. 

But, we know we can do more. 

Staying Connected

It’s been an adjustment not seeing our clients or team in-person. While we have been getting together as a team each week over video, it’s not been the same. 

“One of the things we love about our team is spending time together,” says Todd Fralic, co-owner of Quantus. “We had to cancel a few events but, we’ve started a weekly Friday video conference where we all get together and have a virtual drink, staying connected in that true Quantus way.”

And like after any libations, these weekly calls gave us an idea.

A (Not So) New Idea

Before Paul Bojakli was a mortgage broker and co-owner of Quantus, he worked in the restaurant industry. He carried many of the habits from those days over into what he does today; making sure there’s always Bailey’s in your coffee, your plate is stacked full, and ensuring you’re always smiling with a joke. 

“Our jobs can be stressful so that’s why I try to make sure we have a bit of fun; we work hard, so we play hard,” says Paul.

It’s all part of us going above and beyond to help everyone live their best life. We know this is hard to do right now, so we’ve decided to help people in any way that we can. 

Introducing: The Q. Liquor Delivery Service

Like mortgages, liquor stores have been deemed an essential service but, not everyone can get out to the store. We want to help. Submit an order through QLDS and we’ll run to the liquor store closest to you, grab your order, and deliver it to your door, all while keeping our distance of course.

What makes our delivery service different? With Paul’s previous connections, we can find those hard to get libations like Pink Whitney or the Dalwhinnie – Game Of Thrones House Stark making your physical isolation just a little more enjoyable. 



Send an email to today with your order and address and we’ll run out to get your order. After all, it’s April Fool’s and we probably won’t be leaving our house anyway.

(PS. Send us an email anyway and we just might make your order)