Quantus Debuts New Fashion Line

We are always looking at new opportunities to expand the Quantus brand. When the idea to start a Quantus-owned fashion line emerged, it was an obvious yes.

“All our clients and lending partners know we have a fairly relaxed style around the office,” says Todd Fralic, co-owner of Quantus. “It’s pretty unique to our brokerage and we want to capture that it in our own collection.”

Many people know Paul Bojakli as an amateur fashionista and the co-owner has been testing many of the collection pieces around the office.

“The Q-Rate flat brim hat is definitely one of my favourite pieces,” says Paul, “but I’m also a fan of the Lending Hoodie. We tried to go for a progressive feel to our brand to match our culture and I’m very excited to see more people wearing QMS.” 

Left: Lending Partner, Mark Jewells models the Lending Hoodie with co-creator, Paul Bojakli.

Paul and Todd worked with local Calgary fashion designers to build a line that was comfortable but also pushed the boundaries of traditional mortgage broker wear. To reach a younger audience, the line will include a skinny leg sweatpant and the slightly racy, half-mesh tank for men.

Right: A model wears the new QMS Mesh Tank for men.

“I’m not going to lie, I was a little hesitant when I saw the tank,” says Todd. “But, after seeing the final product I can see it being very useful during the summer when the office gets super hot.”

While it’s taken time to get the pieces finished, Paul feels like its a natural step for Quantus.

“We have strong brand loyalty when it comes to mortgages, so we’re excited to translate that into fashion.”

As a special deal, you can pre-order any items from the QMS collection below before tomorrow when the pranksters actually go back to selling mortgages.