Quantus Goes Virtual — Reality That Is

One of the things we said early on in the pandemic was how impressed we were with our business partners moving to virtual tools to complete mortgages for our clients.

“We know it wasn’t easy for a lot of our lenders,” says Paul Bojakli, co-owner of Quantus. “Moving from working in an office to completely working remotely in only 48 hours is really impressive.”

We’re still in shock that just over a year ago, we all went into some type of lockdown or quarantine situation. We’ve done our best to adapt within our team as well, using a lot of Zoom meetings and Facebook chats to stay connected with each other and with our clients.

But, we’ll be honest. We’re exhausted of Zoom.

However, we know that it’s not going anywhere. So, we’ve decided to switch things up.

Testing a New Tool

Virtual reality has been making waves in the video space even before Covid, but over the last year, there’s been an explosion of new tools to improve online meetings.

“One of the things we’ve missed most over the last year, is getting together in person,” says Todd Fralic, co-owner of Quantus. “These virtual reality tools are a great way to interact remotely, but in a more engaging way than Zoom.”

We’ve been putting in some work behind the scenes at testing some of these new platforms and we think we have found an option that will suit our team and our clients as well.

But before we start using it, we need your help!

Try Our Virtual Reality Room!

You can test out our virtual reality room for free and without having to set up an account by visiting:


Take a look around and let us know what you think!


And if you don’t make it to our virtual room, that’s ok. The chance of us actually using it after April Fool’s is probably pretty small. ;)