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We Say Goodbye to the Q

Since 2009, the Quantus name has stuck out in the mortgage industry. Over the years, our logo and branding has adapted with the times with our most recent look, the Q, used on most of our marketing materials.

But, there’s been some feedback that our Q is coming up in the wrong forums and discussions which has prompted us to make a change.

Q’s Other Meanings

When we first launched Quantus, we did have some feedback that it sounded and looked a lot like the Australian Airline, Qantas. While our name has occasionally been misspelled at venues, it’s never caused too much concern.

“I’ll tell people our name of the brokerage and they’ll ask, ‘like the airline?’” says co-owner Paul Bojakli. “But our name has always been a conversation starter when I’m meeting new clients, so it’s never been a big deal.”

We’ve even had the occasional Q from Star Trek Next Generation make its way into conversation. For Star Trek, Remember Q?

But, in most recent years, our Q has been thrown in with some less savory conversations.

“We have started to see our Q show up in conversations with the political conspiracy theory, QAnon,” says co-owner Todd Fralic. “While we of course have nothing to do with that, it has made it difficult to show off our brand when we’re traveling, especially in the U.S.”

Moving On To Something New

We have always said that we are a progressive brokerage. We’ve tried to stay ahead of what’s going on in our industry, looking for new ways to do better for our brokers, clients, and business partners.

Today, we’re proud to launch our new brand to renew our commitment to our clients, broker, communities, and business partners.

“We’re always open to trying something new,” says Paul, “while I am sad to see the Q go, I’m excited about what this new brand means for our team. I also have an opportunity to update my wardrobe too.”

Over the next year, we’ll slowly be phasing out Quantus and the Q to our new brand. Over a decade of branded items takes time to redo (especially Bojakli’s closet).

“While I’ve come to like the Quantus brand over the last decade, it wasn’t my first choice when we started the company,” says Todd. “I feel Mortgage-Mart is better suited for the new environment we operate in and won’t cause any confusion with our clients.”

For Those With Quantus Branded Items

As we start the rebranding process, it’s a good time to look in your own wardrobe or desk for Quantus branded items.

Take a good look at whatever it is you have and know…

This brand isn’t going anywhere. Better hold onto it for a while longer.

April Fool’s!

(As if we would get rid of the Q. We just hope we didn’t freak out our broker, Jan Hicks, too much. She has a tattoo of Q on her ankle!)


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