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And now you know everything about mortgages? Cool story.


Who Likes Extra Cash?

If you said no, are you for real? Refinancing could help you free up some monthly cash flow by locking in a better interest rate or renegotiating your term.

Tackle Debt

Pay off credit cards? You got it. All with one monthly payment? You got it. At a lower interest rate? You got it.

Complete Upgrades

Still haven’t completed those renovations you promised you’d do when you moved in? Maybe there’s enough equity in your home to finally get them done!

Tips for How To Tackle Your Debt in 2023

What can you do to tackle your debt in 2023? Put down that credit card as we have a few practical tips to keep your debt in check.

What Is a Trigger Rate and Do You Need To Worry About It?

The trigger rate impacts variable-rate mortgage holders. It’s the point at which your regular payment is no longer paying any principal.

What Is Porting Your Mortgage When Buying or Selling Your Home?

Porting your mortgage takes your existing mortgage and brings it over to your new home. But, there are a few things to know.

What's the Best Way to Utilize the Equity in My Home?

There are a few options to access and utilize the equity in your home: refinance, HELOC, a line of credit. Which option is better for you?

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