And now you know everything about mortgages? Cool story.


Who Likes Extra Cash?

If you said no, are you for real? Refinancing could help you free up some monthly cash flow by locking in a better interest rate or renegotiating your term.

Tackle Debt

Pay off credit cards? You got it. All with one monthly payment? You got it. At a lower interest rate? You got it.

Complete Upgrades

Still haven’t completed those renovations you promised you’d do when you moved in? Maybe there’s enough equity in your home to finally get them done!

Buying A Vacation Property? Here Are Some Costs To Think About.

Buying a vacation or recreational property is exciting, but there are a few questions to answer about before you ‘dive’ in.

How To Find The Down Payment For Your First Home

Yes, you need a down payment to buy a home. Most first-time homebuyers typically need to borrow money in the form of a mortgage.

Unpaid Cell Phone Bills Are Costing You More Than Interest

Not paying that monthly cell phone bill could be costing you more than interest—it could be costing you your new home.

That's A Nice Car. Can You Live In It?

Signing on that dotted line at the dealership could affect the size of home you could live in now or in the future.