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Chris Richards

Mortgage Broker
Calgary, Alberta
Chris Richards

Whether you are first-time buyer or a repeat, my goal is to help you – whatever your financial, credit, or employment status happens to be — to plot a successful course and guide you through to property ownership and to help reduce the overall lifetime cost of your mortgage.

As licensed professional mortgage brokers, we know exactly what it takes to qualify you for a mortgage and we do more than just get you a great mortgage at a great rate, we will show you the way, too.

We will earn your trust, fit to your style and schedule, and help you meet your goal.

We're here to educate, inform, and answer your questions. More importantly, we'll help you get the job done.

If you are willing to bet on yourself that you can own your own home sooner rather than later, then my team and I are willing to work with you.

If you have reasonable credit and 5% for down payment, then we can guide you through the traditional mortgage / purchase process for a house. If you have some money saved for down payment, but can't currently qualify, then we can show you how to fix things in the least amount of time. We will do what we can to work with your current situation so that you can get the keys to your new home faster than you would have expected.

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