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So, you want to join the Quantus team? Ok, we'll give you a shot.


But first, you have to pass our quiz.

Quantus Mortgage Solutions.

  • A company built on the values of collaboration, community, and culture.

  • A progressive and broker-driven brokerage.

  • A longstanding, reputable member of the mortgage industry. 


Jeez, could that be any more boring? Mortgages are boring enough, the last place you want to work at is a brokerage that is also boring.

If you have done your homework, you know that Quantus is anything but boring. And if you haven't done your homework best do so. Because in order to join our fam, you're going to have to be up to the test.



A Brokerage Is Born

While seemingly opposite personalities, Todd Fralic and Paul Bojakli joined forces to start Quantus. 

Where did they come up with the name? 

A little bit of Greek inspiration, Quantus roughly translates to "how much." Seems fitting for mortgage brokerage. But, we like to think about it in terms of how much we can offer in the relationship with our clients, our brokers, our business partners, and our community.

Unlike the history books from your high school days, this will be a much more engaging—and shorter—overview of our history. We have done some pretty cool things over the years, so this seems like a good spot to showcase them.


The Q Recognition Awards

The one thing we're most proud of is our people.

The Quantus Recognition Awards have been something we've done to recognize our people every year since Day 1. 


But these awards aren't what you think. Our categories include Community Leadership, Humanitarian Award, Team Commitment, Lender's Choice, Partner's Choice, and Industry Partner.

It's a honour to hand out these awards at our annual Christmas party, which we have also done since 2011.


The Legendary Softball Tourney

Why are mortgage brokers good softball players? Because they know how to catch files!

Yeah, we know. Horrible joke. 

But our annual softball tournament isn't! This tournament pre-dates Quantus, starting in 2006. However, in 2011 Quantus took over as the principle organizer and we haven't looked back.

Every summer, we host a multiple-team softball tournament inviting all our brokers, business partners, and lenders. It's become quite the event over the years. Everyone wants to win the QMS Invitational Cup!


Launching Community Key

Community is something we take very seriously (and you thought we were joking about that.)

After Paul's daughter had a near-death experience, he approached the Q team with an idea to start a charity. The charity would help cover the housing payments of families with a critically injured or terminally ill child in hospital. It didn't take much convincing.

We launched Community Key at our annual Christmas party, donating $30,000 right off the hop. With every mortgage we fund, a small portion is donated to Community Key.

To this date, we've helped well over 130 families!


Winners? Us?

After several years in the industry, people had a pretty good sense of who we were. But, they for some reason kept nominating us for awards.

After being nominated for two years before, Quantus won the Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (25 Employees or More) by the Canadian Mortgage Awards! 

We were also finalists for Best Community Service award for our efforts with Community Key.


More Boring than Mortgages? Insurance!

Remember when we said we were always asking "how much" we could offer in our client relationships? That wasn't just a fancy line.

We launched our insurance company, Home Auto Life to continue to offer our clients options for their insurance needs.


We have an awesome team handling referrals and taking care of the most boring... the most important side of financing.


The Q Invitational Trophy Goes Missing

Building on the legend of our softball tournament is the mysterious disappearance of the QMS Invitational trophy.


The cup hasn't been found since its victory tour around Calgary in 2019...although, we wouldn't be surprised if one of our own team members has it hiding in their basement.


Who's the Newcomer?

We usually don't like to brag but this is one of those awards that we're pretty proud of.

After only a year and a half in the business, we won the Canadian Mortgage Award for Best Newcomer.

We could not have done it with our at the time small—but amazing—team!


The QMS Annual Conference

You may have heard through the grapevine that we like to have a good time. Hey, we work hard so why not play hard!

Every year, we take a trip for our QMS Conference. A couple of days to get everyone out of their home offices and have some fun.


We've gone dune bugging across Nevada, rode in helicopters over the Grand Canyon, completed scavenger hunts across San Fransisco, and ziplined over Kelowna...who knows what we'll get up to next!


Winners? Again?

If they haven't caught on by this point, we're not going to say anything.

We were honoured to be listed as a Canadian Mortgage Professional Top Brokerage in Canada.

Not that we're bragging or anything.


Community Key Wins!

We're totally going to brag about this one.

After a few years of being nominated, Community Key won the Mortgage Awards of Excellence, Community Service award. 

It was an honour to have Community Key recognized among our peers across the country. 

Watch the video.

Weekly Learning Sessions

Another thing we've done since our start is host regular Tuesday presentations with our lender partners and team.


This is a great way to ask questions, learn about new products, or problem-solve tricky files.

Team Quarterly Events

One of our favourite things to do is our quarterly events.


Every quarter, we get the team together to do something fun—beach volleyball, lawn bowling, pedalling a bar around downtown—we're always down for fun with the team!

Business Support

Questions about a file or how to operate a new system? Bring it to the team. 

We're always willing to share solutions, ideas, and new things with each other.

Have we said our team is awesome?

Private Lending

We're going to let you in on a secret...we do private lending too!

Ok, so it's not really a secret, but it's one side of our business that is growing. 

What's the phrase we keep saying? How much can we offer to help our clients?

Some Other Cool Things

So, how are you feeling? Think you're ready to take our Q-uiz? Get's a Q quiz? Nevermind.

Here are a few of the other cool things we do in our brokerage.


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