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Giving back to the communities where we live and work was never a question - it’s just something we’ve done and what we’ll continue to do. All of our brokers give back to their communities in some way, but there’s one that’s near to our hearts - Community Key.


In 2015, Paul experienced a series of life-changing events. His daughter had a near-death experience during a swimming competition and spent five horrible days in the intensive care unit (ICU).


During his time in the ICU, Paul witnessed many other worried families visiting their ill children, some of which had been in intensive care for months. It made him wonder, how did these families decide whether to return to work or to continue sacrificing financial stability to stand by their children? 


While his daughter was released and returned to swimming, Paul was determined to help those families still in the hospital. He presented the idea of starting a charity to the team, and without a second thought, the team pulled together to donate $30,000 to start Community Key.  


Today, a portion of each mortgage we fund goes to help families that are caring for a seriously-ill or critically-injured child in paying their mortgage or rent payments, allowing them some relief from one of their largest financial burdens.


If it’s not obvious by now, we’re just going to say it. We’re not your typical mortgage brokerage.


If you thought mortgages are boring, wait until we get started on insurance.


We decided to start another company to deal with all your insurance needs. In a creative streak, we launched Home Auto Life to help you find the best home, auto...and well, life insurance. As we said, we may not be creative but we are good at taking care of our clients. 

Take a journey on the wild side. Just make sure you have insurance first.


For some reason, we keep getting nominated for these mortgage industry awards. We are flattered, but don't they know who we are?

Since 2009, Quantus co-owners, Paul Bojakli and Todd Fralic, as well as our 60+ team members, have established a reputation in our industry that can easily be summed up to “we work hard, and we play hard.”


But, as much as we like to have a good time, we work to do everything we can to help our clients and each other.


We want to help everyone find success in their lives whether it be through homeownership, their business or personal life.

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