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It's About Family

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

We recently shared what it meant to us to help our clients live their best lives. At its core, it’s about the people you surround yourself with and building lasting experiences together. 

And you, our clients, showed us your experiences in our Live Your Best Giveaway at the end of 2019. And while it was a random draw, our three winners of the giveaway all shared one thing in common; family.

A Family Trip

“Living your best life is spending it with the people you care about the most. Be it a long drive, short or long haul flight to a place you’ve never seen before, it is best to spend it with your loved ones.”

This is from our client, Jerico, the grand prize winner of a $2,000 gift card to WestJet! Jerico submitted the video above featuring his partner and some friends travelling to the Okanagan for a summer getaway.

Along with spending time on the lake and hiking, they also completed a vineyard tour going to about eight different wineries in the valley.

We asked how he planned to spend the gift card and we weren’t surprised it was to spend more time with family. 

“I would like to spend it travelling with my family and loved ones, probably going to Los Angeles or Las Vegas. It would be nice to visit those cities again, as well, I have friends there and it’s been a while since I last visited.”

More Family Time

“Spending more time with the kiddos.”

That’s Phoebee’s version of living her best life. Phoebee S. was the second prize winner in our giveaway, winning a $500 gift card to The Home Depot!

“Growing up my parents spent lots of time with us,” Phoebee says. “My mom would play the games of hide and seek. Childhood memories of the family time we had are some of the best times I have had. I want my children to be able to look back on their childhood and think the same. Like wow, Mom and Dad spent so much time with us enjoying the simple things in life.”

And Phoebee is planning to spend more time this summer with her family, using the gift card to buy gardening boxes so the family can enjoy the outdoors this summer and have some delicious food as a result.

“Last year we had three strawberry plants and a few tomato plants and the kids would eat everything as soon as it was ready,” Phoebee says. “It will be great to expand and have more for us to enjoy.”

Hiking As a Family

“Hiking as a family is important to us for many reasons! It’s good for our health, physically and mentally. It builds confidence in the kids and we let them take healthy risks. We want our kids to have an appreciation and respect for nature.”

Our final winner, Alicia, submitted the video of her family hiking Joss Mountain, British Columbia, just one of the many hikes the family takes. Alicia was randomly drawn for a $250 Prepaid Visa card which they put to great use over the holidays.

“We used the Visa gift card for a family getaway to the Kootenays for a ski trip and a visit to the hot springs!”

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Family Day today than sharing the ways our clients take time to be with their family. Have a great Family Day!


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