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Q Takes Over Victoria

When the Quantus team gets together, they’re non-stop chatter. Full of enlightening discussions of mortgage rates, LTVs, COFs, and debt servicing ratios.

Ok, that sentence was hard to write. We can only imagine what it was like to read.

Let’s try again.

When the Quantus team gets together, they’re non-stop. As we say, we work hard and we play hard. And when there is fun to be had, you can bet the team is jumping in without hesitation.

Every year, we have a team conference. We descend into an unknowing city for a few days, and have some much needed time to relax, have fun, and hang with our fellow brokers.

And after two years of putting this annual tradition on hold—and non-stop questions about “when’s the team conference?”—we were really looking forward to this year’s event.

At the end of September, Quantus flew into Victoria, British Columbia. And while they say, what happens in Victoria, stays in Victoria, there were a few highlights we can share.

The Reception

We typically kick off our conference with a reception. It’s a civilized time, with food and fancy cocktails, and usually ends early so everyone can get a good night’s sleep…

Ok, maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that, but the reception evening is the first time everyone is together for the trip. It’s full of hugs and laughs and one of the highlights of our trips.

This year, we were hosted by the Bard and Banker in historic downtown Victoria, who put out an amazing spread of food and drinks for the team. If you’re ever in the area, we highly recommend visiting.

The Grand Tour

The following day, with everyone feeling refreshed and spry, we loaded onto a bus for a tour around Victoria with EVTours.

Our first stop, Malahat Skywalk where the best view wasn’t overlooking the “views of Finlayson Arm, Saanich Peninsula, Mount Baker and the distant Coast Mountains.”

No, the best view was standing at the end of the 20 m spiral slide as the Q team put on their best performance of Scream we’ve ever heard.

Following our ‘turn’ at the Skywalk, we hit the highway to Royal Roads University to see the iconic Hatley Castle. Most people recognize this castle from the X-Men movies. Although, we’re thinking of pitching a Q-Team series after visiting…sounds catchy doesn’t it?

Quantus at Hartley Castle | Victoria, British Columbia

All jokes aside, the grounds are spectacular and it’s one of those “must-dos” in Victoria.

After the tour, it was back to the hotel to get ready for team dinner at the Sticky Wicket. If you’re looking for the top spot to be in Victoria, this is the place.

We’d like to say things are a little more subdued on the second night of the conference, but well…where’s the fun in that?

Work and Whales

On our final day, we had the most professional moment of our conference with our team meeting. This is the part of the weekend that we do want coming home with us.

This year, our presentations and brainstorms centered around the theme of Building Your Business Outside of Your Files. Personal branding, social media, centres of influence, expanding your scope, event marketing, and more.

The team brought some great ideas and questions to the table and we’re already planning other sessions to expand on what was discussed.

We also had great insight from a few of our lender partners who were able to attend as well. Thank you to Merix Financial, TD, and MCAP for joining us in-person!

But enough about work.

The grand finale of the conference was whale watching with Eagle Wing Tours. With the team fit in their new Q windbreakers, we hit the open waters to try and catch a glimpse of ocean wildlife. And we were spoiled.

We were treated to not only one Orca pod, but two! One Ocra nearly scared Paul Bojakli into the water when it popped up beside the boat.

Our amazing crew and guide were also able to bring us close to two Humpback whales, a river otter, and a bob of seals (that’s a group of seals in case you’re wondering).

This event was definitely the cherry on top to a fantastic team conference!

Thank You's

All of this fun would not be possible without our awesome lender sponsors.

A huge thank you to Scotiabank, TD, Verico Canada, MERIX Financial, MCAP, First National Financial LP, Solidifi, Strive Mortgage, connectFirst Credit Union, Filogix, and Manulife for their help in making this awesome team event happen!

Finally, thank you to all our team members who made the trek to Victoria. We could not be more humbled by your dedication—to work and fun—to make Quantus everything that it is.

Until next year!


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