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Emina Kozlica

Mortgage Broker
Calgary, Alberta
Emina Kozlica

I have an extensive background in the financial services industry. Prior to becoming a mortgage broker in 2015, I was a banker for 15 years. Arranging mortgages for my clients at the bank was my passion, although at times I knew there was a better option for my clients outside of what I could offer. At times I would even refer my clients to a mortgage broker so they could get a better deal! That’s when I knew I had to leave the bank and become a mortgage broker, so I could truly work for my client’s best interest.

Now as a Mortgage Broker, I have access to many different banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and trust companies. I no longer “sell” my clients a mortgage - I advise them and help them obtain a mortgage that is best suitable for them.

My previous experience also includes mortgage underwriting, so I understand the lender’s perspective and I use that knowledge to get my clients approved for the best mortgage possible, in a seamless process.

Securing the right mortgage can be a critical part of your finances, and the right mortgage can save you thousands of dollars. I am dedicated to helping you with your mortgage needs now, and in the years to come!

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