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Karen Low

Mortgage Broker
Edmonton, Alberta
Karen Low

I’m a dog lover, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother to a beautiful little boy named Jack. These are some of my favourite roles and the ones that move and motivate me to be just a little bit better each day.

Originally from the Maritimes, I’ve lived in Edmonton now for eight years. I absolutely love to travel—something that I’ve missed over this last year—play golf, pickleball (it’s a real game!), and enjoy a good glass of wine with my many books I have on the go.

And I love to connect with people like you!

I’m here to help walk you through the mortgage process, ensuring you are in the mortgage product that suits your needs and goals. I’m a natural problem solver so I’m not only looking for the right mortgage product for today but for down the road as your needs evolve and change.

I work for you and your family to find the best options for your unique situation. I have access to the best mortgage products, preferred interest rates and top-performing lending partners in the country.

With online applications, video conferencing and a fully digital platform; the whole mortgage process is easy and efficient, saving you time and making it extremely convenient to arrange your home financing from the comfort of your home!

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