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Stacey Mass

Mortgage Broker
Calgary, Alberta
Stacey Mass

Hello, my name is Stacey Mass and I have specialized in building lasting relationships with my clients since becoming a mortgage associate in 1999.  I love providing options and strategies for my clients.

Finding the right mortgage is far more complicated than getting the best rate! There are so many variables and fine print that need to be considered. Perhaps there are ways to utilize the equity in your home or use your rental equity as a bigger tax deduction. 

Perhaps you CAN get a mortgage as a self-employed individual who doesn’t claim a lot of income – or get approved for a mortgage after credit issues. 

I will analyze scenarios for you such as – should you sell your existing home before moving to a new home or would you be able to keep it and rent it out? 

How much of the new rental income can we use while still getting the best rates? 

Do we need a renter in place first? And so on… 

My favourite part of the mortgage transaction is finding options you didn’t know you had!

Some interesting facts about me: I’m a wife, a mother of three adult kids, and a grandmother! My favourite vacation spot is any port on a CRUISE! 

I would love to talk with you, feel free to contact me anytime!

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