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New Year, New Adventures!

It’s the beginning of a new year and time to start making new memories for 2017! What has always been on your bucket list that you have never gotten around to doing? It’s a good time to start a list of things you want to...

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We were just voted Brokerage of the Year!!

Several months ago we were honoured to find out that Quantus Mortgage was nominated as a final for Brokerage of the Year for the Canadian Mortgage Awards (CMA's).  The CMA's are put on by Canadian Mortgage Professional which is the leading publication for the mortgage...

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Millennial Market

Can you guess how many baby boomers are in Canada? Does 3.2 million sound about right? Times that by 3 and now we’re talking… There are 9.6 million boomers, all with children of their own and the two generations making up over half the total...

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