But when you do, you work with Quantus.


You Didn't Get Pre-Approved

You went shopping WITHOUT knowing what your actual budget was? That’s ok, we might be able to fix it.

You Didn't Work With a Realtor

We hardly trust our phone apps to make calendar appointments correctly, how can you expect a home buying app to handle your home purchase?

You Bought a Car After Pre-Approval

#1 rule after you get pre-approved for a mortgage: don’t buy anything!

You Only Approached Your Bank

We know you love your bank. But, they might not be giving you the best deal. Check your options before signing the dotted line at your branch.

Did You Know About Purchase Plus Improvement Plans?

Have you ever walked around your home saying, “I wish I had known about that before I bought my house.”

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Lenders aren't the only people who can access your credit history. Employers, landlords, and even cell phone companies can review your score

Buying A Vacation Property? Here Are Some Costs To Think About.

Buying a vacation or recreational property is exciting, but there are a few questions to answer about before you ‘dive’ in.