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Alberta Regional Brokerage - Mortgage Award of Excellence Nomination

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

We did a survey with our team asking them a simple question, “if Quantus was a car, what would it be?” 

Most people might think of something like the family Station Wagon; a highly reliable, efficient, long-time vehicle. Well, our team thought a little outside the box…

“A stretch Limo – party, good times and room for all!”

“Funky yellow bus with all of us loaded in it…the Q family.”

“The Batmobile because it’s badass, efficient, a top-notch specialty vehicle, and sleek AF.”

Yes, it’s safe to say we’re not your typical brokerage. 

When we started Quantus Mortgage Solutions (QMS) just over a decade ago, we wanted to make sure that we built our brokerage with experienced and dedicated people who were committed to not only producing volume but to become known throughout Western Canada as one of the most reputable firms in our industry. Little did we know that these people would become our family and create one of the most recognizable, and perhaps memorable, brokerages across Canada.

But, what makes us so different? We like to say we’re a broker-driven brokerage. We support our brokers in any way that we can so they can succeed, even if that means they outgrow us and start something new. But, many of the people we have on the team have remained with us from day 1, and continue to be amazing mentors to each other and our new brokers.

It’s maybe a bit shocking for new brokers to live “the Quantus experience.” When they join the team, they’re added to a private Facebook group which is an open platform for our brokers to ask questions about lender products, brainstorm and solve file problems. The group has at least one to two posts a day with the team jumping on immediately to help out. 

The reason we’ve been so successful is because of the effort our brokers put into each other. In 2019, we were recognized as the #1 producer for Lendwise/Merix, a huge accomplishment for a brokerage our size in Canada. As well, individual brokers on our team were standouts for the year, being nominated for two categories in some instances. Eden Simari was nominated for the 2019 Canadian Mortgage Awards for Women of Influence and Young Guns, and Remi Korent was nominated for the 2019 Hot List and Young Guns as well. Our broker, Jason Roy, was recognized as a 2019 BombBomb Top Influencer for his use of the software to communicate with his clients—the only Canadian in the real estate category to be recognized!

Not only does the team have daily engagement with each other in our Facebook group, but we also host weekly in-person/webinar sessions with lenders and business partners. The greatest benefit of these sessions is the ability for our brokers to ask lenders questions directly, something especially critical during the first few months of COVID-19.

If there ever was a time for us to be continually surprised by our team, it was (and is) during COVID-19. While we saw a significant slowdown of purchase mortgages, it didn’t mean a slow down for the team. We continued to reach out to our clients through phone, email, and social media, with our COVID update posts reaching over a total of 20,000 people!

Our brokers took the opportunity to really analyze their client’s current situations. The team came up with solutions for many of their clients to put them in a better financial situation after the pandemic. We continued to be quite busy because of the hard work of our team, and the willingness of our client’s to consider creative solutions to their financial needs.

And there’s no lack of creative flair at Quantus. One of our more creative campaigns to engage our clients was through our Live Your Best Life Giveaway, where we encouraged over 5,000 clients to send in a photo or video of them living their best life for a chance to win some big prizes, including a $2,000 gift card to WestJet. We always knew we had some of the best clients around, but we were blown away by the number of submissions we received. Nearly 100 clients submitted photos/videos of their families on vacation, their wedding days, and the day they moved into their homes. Many of these photos are displayed on our social media and in our offices as a reminder that a mortgage means so much more than a roof and four walls.

But, it wouldn’t be a truly amazing year without a little bit of Q-uality fun. It’s known that we have one of the best-dressed broker-owners in our industry. Who else would have their own custom flat brim hats and boxing gloves with a giant Q printed on them? Poking fun at Paul Bojakli, we launched the Quantus Fashion Line, an April Fool’s joke so successful that we plan to actually start an online shop of Quantus clothing with all the proceeds going to our own charity, Community Key. We’re also incredibly honoured that Community Key has been nominated as an MAE finalist for Community Service as well.

If our broker’s descriptions about Quantus weren’t enough to convince you why it’s a pretty amazing place to work, we’ll leave you with one final example. One so good you’ll think we’re making it up. Our annual conference took us to sunny Las Vegas this year where we went all out for our 10th Anniversary; a fancy dinner in a speakeasy, a helicopter ride over the Strip, and a competitive evening at Top Golf.

But, all those events were upstaged by our broker, Jan Hicks, who showed up on the last evening with her first tattoo. And what was that tattoo? It was none other than the Quantus, Q.


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