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The Live Your Best Life Experience

2020 rang in a new decade not only for the world but for us as well. In 2009, founders, Paul Bojakli and Todd Fralic struck out to create a brokerage that was people-focused, developing strong relationships with clients, brokers, lending partners, and the community.

From Day 1, we’ve always believed we deal in more than just mortgages. Instead, we’re setting our clients up to live their best life. But, what do we mean when we say that?

“It’s not materialistic which is what you would rationally think it is,” says Paul. “Living your best life is about the people around you and building those experiences together.”

Paul recently had this experience with a long-time lending partner on a recent business trip.

Showing By Example

Over the last ten years, we’ve developed great relationships with our lending partners. One of these valued relationships is with Merix Financial

A few years ago, Paul travelled with a group of brokers to New York for the World Business Forum which was hosted by Merix. You would think a forum like this would be all business, but Merix Founder and CEO, Boris Bozic has a different philosophy.

“Boris believes in providing his business partners with the opportunities to learn,” says Paul, “partly from listening to world-class speakers and a big part from networking with colleagues.”

During one of these networking sessions, Boris overheard Paul mention his love for the Detroit Red Wings (we try not to hold it against him). A few weeks after the New York trip, Paul received a phone call from Boris asking him if he could join him on a trip to Detroit to watch Detroit play their last season in the classic Joe Louis Arena against the New York Rangers. 

“Besides watching the Red Wings beat the Rangers in an overtime goal, getting to know Boris was the highlight of the trip,” says Paul. “We went for dinner and after five minutes of ‘talking shop,’ we spent the rest of the time talking about life and family. I’m truly grateful for this time with Boris and this experience. For me, this was living my best life.”

Paul still talks about this experience today and is truly grateful. This act of kindness had nothing to do with business; just one friend wanting to create an amazing experience for another.

More Than A Mortgage

Like Boris, we all have that friend or family member that has the remarkable ability to remember the small details. They check-in to see how that last meeting went or find the perfect gift. That’s who we aspire to be for our clients every day.

Yes, the reason we’ve connected with you is to find you a great mortgage product, but that’s not what we do.

“We’re not talking about rates or talking about houses,” Todd says. “We’re talking about what you can do with your life if you can save some money, what a mortgage can do for your life, is all the difference in the world.”

Showing Us Your Best Life

And you, our clients, showed us what living your best life meant to you in our Live Your Best Giveaway at the end of 2019.

We were so honoured that so many of our clients participated in this giveaway, sending us photos and videos of their families, adventures, and homes. We’re excited to continue on this journey with you by sharing your stories over the next year. 

Viewing your photos and videos not only was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the year but to celebrate our first decade as a company. We’ve helped so many people in the last ten years and are excited to help more in the next ten!


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