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A Permanent Fundraiser

Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about our work with Community Key. This charity, started by the Quantus team in 2015, helps families with a terminally ill or critically-injured child in hospital with their housing payments.

A portion of each mortgage we fund goes to help these families, allowing them some relief from one of their largest financial burdens.

It’s a cause that’s incredibly close to our hearts and we’re honoured to be able to help so many families through this charity. It is also amazing when this work is recognized, including our most recent nomination as a finalist for the Mortgage Awards of Excellence, Community Service for an Organization award.

We also host fundraising events, such as hockey pools and softball tournaments, to help raise additional money for the charity.

The Gala That Almost Happened

At the beginning of 2020, we were hard at work putting the final touches on a spectacular Gala event for the fifth anniversary of Community Key. Casino games, silent auction items, live entertainment—it was shaping up to be our largest fundraising event yet.

But, three days before the Gala, Alberta went into lockdown and everything had to be shut down.

We worked hard to make all the changes and notify people the event wasn’t happening. We said, “don’t worry, we’ll likely be able to reschedule in a couple of months.”

And well, we all know what happened for the next few years.

We’ve done our best to keep the energy up with smaller fundraising events for Community Key, but we know it’s time to revisit this Gala and do something unforgettable.

When Q Brokers Brainstorm

Credit for this idea has to go to our broker, Trisha Isaac. Her experience with pulling together fundraisers for the Rotary Club of Canmore really is unparalleled. During her interview with co-owner, Paul Bojakli on Around the Cooler, they somehow got on the topic of tattoos.

This quickly turned into a brainstorming session for fundraising ideas.

Paul: I'm going to get a Q tattoo, though.

Trisha: Oh, that would hurt. Are you going to get it on your butt?

Paul: I mean…

Trisha: We could do a fundraiser for that so that. Like, let's donate money, and see how much money we can raise.

Paul: I think that would be great. I think we should do this.

A Fundraiser You Won’t Forget

And so an idea was born.

Now, if you’re thinking that getting a tattoo of your company is weird, you clearly don’t know us very well. Our broker, Jan Hicks, already has her Q tattoo which she got during our annual conference in Las Vegas in 2019.

Paul will finally be getting his Q tattoo but he—as well as fellow co-owner, Todd Fralic—won’t have the option to pick where they will get it.

That’s going to be left up to you!

A Friendly Competition

The tattoo appointments have been made, but now we need your help in deciding where Paul and Todd will each be getting their tattoos. Don’t worry, they’ve each given their consent to do this, so don’t be shy!

Body Location

Donation Amount









Lower Back




Not only can you pick where they will be getting their tattoos, but we’ll also see who will raise the most money between them.

The winner gets an ‘extra’ surprise at the end of their appointment.

Who do you think will raise the most money between the two?

Where to Donate?

If you’re interested in donating to this fundraiser, please send us an email.

We’ll be sending a link to all those interested on Monday since April Fool’s just had to fall on a Saturday this year.

Did we get ya?


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