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Q Plays Tag…Laser Tag

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

As many know, we’re not your typical mortgage brokerage. So, it would make sense why we wouldn’t play your typical game of laser tag.

We played tactical laser tag and let’s just say, we saw a side of our brokers that we have never seen before.

Q Heads to Classified YYC

As often as we can, we try to get together with our team and one of our lender partners. It’s a great opportunity to catch up in person, get to know new team members, and have some fun.

This month, our lender partner Tiffany Pedersen with Strive Mortgage, took us to Classified YYC, Calgary’s tactical laser tag experience.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever played laser tag before.

Kids running around, glowing under ultraviolet lights, the sounds of lasers being fired over screams and laughter.

This experience was nothing like that.

From realistic sound effects to the weight of all the equipment, it really did feel like stepping into a battle. Classified has done an amazing job of simulating a real-life experience!

You could feel the excitement build in the room as the team listened—very closely—to the instructions for loading, reloading, and how to “take down” the other team.

Team Alpha vs. Bravo

After a brief rundown of how the game was played, the teams took to the obstacle course where it was all-out chaos.

“First time at laser tag and unable to run,” said our broker, Tony Piattelli. “I was shot so many times, I lit up like a Christmas tree. Had a blast doing it though.”

We quickly learned that this was no ordinary game of laser tag. Strategies were formed, names were taken, and sweat was pouring. Fun isn’t the right word to describe it, but hey; we’re mortgage brokers, not literary geniuses.

“Laser tag at Classified was a blast (pun intended), the Quantus team goes as hard at laser tag as we do at mortgages,” said our broker, Joel Richards. “Dominating Paul Bojakli was a highlight of my week."

Going to have to watch out, Joel. We know Bojakli is already planning the next session and this time, we may try out Classified’s stress belts…

“Joel definitely missed his calling as a Navy Seals,” said Paul. “Same with Chad Eliason…he was laid out on the floor trying to take us down on team Bravo. Thank you to Tiffany, AKA Big Bite, for helping us uncover our sharpshooter skills!”

Thank you, Strive!

After spending an hour and a half in the arena, the team sat down for some drinks and food. Definitely earned it after that workout.

We want to send a huge thank you to Tiffany for helping coordinate and make this event happen.

“Such a BLAST last week! Really appreciate those who took time to shoot their colleagues.

Headshot absolutely took on a new meaning. If I correctly remember, team Bravo in Camo took the win? Excited to do it again! Who’s in?”

Just tell us when and we’ll be there!


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