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Winter Jam at Q

Ahhhh February. The month of love, family, and mortgage brokers.

Earlier this month, the Quantus team got together for our first Q-uarterly meeting of 2023. In true Q style, we couldn’t just have a meeting.

How boring would that be?

First Q-uarterly of 2023

A few times a year, we bring the Q team together to review what we have accomplished, work through current questions and projects, and talk about all our exciting plans for the future. This year, the agenda included things from underwriting efficiencies, managing Google reviews, and building relationships—our personal favourite!

Q Team Getting Ready for our Q-uarterly

“I have been a mortgage broker for 15 years but there is still a constant flow of new scenarios/challenges I come across,” says David Sahibzada, one of our newest Q brokers.

“At the meeting, it was so good to listen to the information being swapped regarding lenders, deals, best practices, etc. It is good to know that I have this vast knowledge base I can access when needed!”

From the Broker’s Mouth

One of the highlights of our Q-uarterly meetings is our Broker Panel, where we invite our brokers to share a bit about their background and what’s working well in their businesses.

This year, our broker Curtis Arnold took to the stage to share his knowledge in real estate investing, and how he has focused his efforts on email marketing in his business.

“I really enjoyed hearing from Curtis and his business strategies,” says Karen Low, one of our long-time brokers from Edmonton. “I also really enjoyed hearing about Google Business and the opportunity to grow my business through this simple ask to my clients.”

Party Time

And it wouldn’t be a Q event without a party…a birthday party of course, (we wouldn’t write about the after-party here, duh).

Stacey Mass Celebrates Her Birthday!

We celebrated the birthday of one of our newest team members, Stacey Mass. She was even lucky enough to receive the serenading of the whole Quantus team.

A Day at the Park

Enough about meetings.

The day following our Quarterly, we hosted an event for clients, lenders, and business partners at the Calgary community centre, Park96. We had skating, hockey, games, tobogganing, a fire pit, and of course, barbecue.

We’re not going to lie, we were a little worried before the event. Because in typical Alberta fashion, it would be +10 degrees the week leading up to an outdoor, winter event.

But, we stuck to our guns and it ended up being an amazing day.

“The weather was perfect for the Winter Jam event,” says David. “I learned that Todd hoards plastic buckets, Alfred is a barbequing machine and that Baileys is essential at all Quantus events!”

David is catching on quickly to how we do things around here.

“Being new to Quantus it was a great way for me to showcase my new brokerage and team. I invited a Realtor contact, a past client and some family and it made a great impression on all. Thanks, team Quantus!”

“The day was gorgeous,” said Karen. “I liked watching the skating, it's nice to see people out of their normal element! Sadly, I didn't have my skates—that was a big miss on my part!”

We want to thank everyone who made it out to the Quarterly and our Winter Fam Jam event. A special thank you to all our business and lending partners for joining us on their Saturday—Strive Capital, VWR Capital Corp., and CWB Optimum Mortgage.

An awesome start to 2023…what will we think of next?


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