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Dan Grant

Mortgage Broker
Calgary, Alberta
Dan Grant

During Daniel's early years in this industry, he gained valuable knowledge brokering private mortgage deals and a few years later he expanded to A lender brokering. Daniel's ability to recognize the unique situations his clients sometimes face, really puts him in an advantage over some of his competitors as he understands what it takes to put together tough mortgages and work with clients to get back on track and turn those B clients into A clients.

In 2014, After successfully running Absolute Mortgage Corp. as a brokerage for 9 years, Daniel made the move to Quantus Mortgage Solutions to be a part of a larger group. This move allowed Daniel to access all the major Banks in addition to his private mortgage sources. Having access to extra lenders means Daniel is able to provide a full one stop mortgage service at very competitive rates.

Call Daniel and allow his 24 years of experience and knowledge to be put to use.

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