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Martin Jensen

Mortgage Broker
Calgary, Alberta
Martin Jensen

My name is Martin Jensen, and I am not your typical mortgage broker. 

You won’t find me wearing a suit and tie, but you will find me approachable, knowledgeable, and extremely good at what I do. I appreciate the value of a hard-earned dollar and always put my client’s best interests first. I am down to earth and focus on building business relationships vs getting the next paycheck.

I joined the mortgage industry in 2007 and continuously reach for excellence in all I do. I truly love what I do, and have a genuine passion to help my clients well beyond the first transaction. It’s thanks to my amazing clients, that I’m proud to say my business is all referral based.

Prior to being a mortgage broker, I was a National team athlete and Head Coach with the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team. I then moved on to be the Program Director and Olympic Team leader for the Canadian Snowboard team. Needless to say, I am focused, goal-oriented, and have an intense passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Outside of work, I am ‘living the dream’ with my amazing wife and three incredible kids. We love to travel off the beaten path and doing anything outdoors, all while striving to keep things slow and simple to better appreciate life’s amazing journey.

If I earn your trust and respect as a client, you will have a genuine and efficient professional that works very hard for YOU.

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