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Trisha Isaac

Mortgage Broker
British Columbia and Alberta
Trisha Isaac

I am what they call a mortgage dork.

I know what you are thinking…wow… did she just say that? But the truth is I love what I do – making spreadsheets, and crunching the numbers to help you make your mortgage decisions.

Here is the boring stuff: I began my banking career with a large financial institution and have over 23 years experience in the mortgage industry as a lender, branch manager, and self-employed mortgage agent. Since I have worked both as a bank lender and a broker lender, I bring a unique perspective on both sides of the picture. I don’t bank bash and I am not scared to tell you when you should stick with your existing lender or can find a better product elsewhere.

I provide convenient mortgage service to clients in BC and Alberta. My job is to offer you great mortgage products, professional advice, and great rates. Your time is valuable. Let me navigate the mortgage process for you.

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