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A New Face Around Q

It’s no surprise that we love a good joke around here. Whether it’s co-owner, Paul Bojakli joking about Todd Fralic’s age (even though Paul is older) or our annual April Fool’s joke, we like to get a few smiles around here.

But, we ran into a problem. We had no ideas about what to do for this year’s April Fool’s. 

We’ve launched a Q clothing line, ran a liquor delivery service, rebranded, fundraised for tattoos…how could we top all of that?

So, we changed tactics setting up a good ole’ in-person prank on none other than Paul himself.

Setting the Scene

For those who don’t know, Paul is known for being slightly late to meetings…we’ll let you decide how long slightly late means.

But rather than tape his entire office in Post-Its or place a Whoopie Cushion under his chair, we decided he needed an incentive to get into the office early.

And, we have always talked about getting a mascot.

Paul walked in his office (late) last Thursday morning. The office was as it normally is; the radio playing 95.9 in the background, phone calls coming in. But, unknown to Paul, there was a new visitor in the office he had yet to meet.

We’re not sure we got any work done that morning as we waited for Paul to finally notice our surprise.

An Easter Surprise

We were not disappointed with Bojakli’s reaction when he walked around the corner to go into the kitchen and saw a bunny sitting on the floor. 

We kid you not, word for word…

“Woah, hey, did you know there’s a rabbit sitting here?”

Following the hysterical reaction from the rest of the office, we introduced Paul to the newest addition to the Q team…

Paul ‘Q’ Cottontail!

Paul Cottontail’s Q-ualifications:

  • He’s hoppy all the time

  • He loves hip-hop

  • He’s lucky

  • His favourite jewelry is 24-Carrot Gold

But for those ’hopping’ that Paul Cottontail would get Bojakli in the office earlier for his meetings, we’re going to have to disappoint. 

As if we’d ever give Paul a real bunny to take care of 😉


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