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It’s Time To Freshen Up Your Home: Our Top Summer Cleaning Tips

How do you tackle that huge summer cleaning to-do list? With our top tips for summer cleaning of course!

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Set Realistic Timelines

Think you can get everything done in just a weekend? Maybe if you have a team helping you. But chances are, it’s going to take you longer to clean than you think.

Cleaning out a closet, garage or cupboard that has been left unattended for some time can be a big job. Set a manageable timeline to do it so you don't get discouraged halfway through and don't finish the job.

For example, the garage may take two weekends to finish versus just one do need to eat and sleep some time! On the other hand, your pantry or cupboards may only take a few hours but plan a day in case you need to make a run to the store for supplies.

Cleaning Products and Supplies

Speaking of supplies, before you jump into spontaneous cleaning, make a note of your current cleaning supplies and if you need more. Do you have enough garbage bags, boxes, cleaning products, etc. that you want to use?

If you’re doing some heavy-duty cleaning and repairs, take note of what you have for drywall spackle, paint, brushes, tape etc. that you’ll need to fix up your space. It’s much better to have everything you need on hand instead of stopping halfway through to drive to the store.

Expert Tip: If you’re looking to save a few dollars on cleaning, a dollar store is a great place to get a lot of these cleaning supplies for a discounted price!

Follow The Top-Down Method

While dusting or cleaning surfaces, start with a top-down mentality. You want to clean the upper areas of the areas first so any dust or debris that falls off of the surface then lands on a site that has yet to be cleaned.

Cleaning your floors a second time after dusting off a counter or cleaning out one of your cabinets is never fun.

Expert Tip: Open up all those windows and doors to get that fresh air blowing through the house! It will help you freshen up your home and allow for surfaces to dry when you wipe or mop them.

Organize On-The-Go

Have you ever caught yourself saying, "this year, I will be organized," only to never be organized? We get it. It happens to the best of us.

One way to help yourself stay organized is to organize on-the-go. Clean out those random cupboards, cabinets, or rooms and organize them while you do your regular cleaning.

One easy way to do this is to have boxes for miscellaneous items that you find throughout the house. You can use these boxes to organize all those random items you will find as you move room-to-room.

Expert Tip: Facebook Marketplace or donation drop-off locations are also great ways to free up space on-the-go. You can make some extra cash from any unused items or even donate them to those in need.

Are you working from home? Now is a great chance to reorganize the home office files too. You can learn more tips from us on how to get organized with your paperwork here.

Have FUN!

A mortgage brokerage blogging about cleaning tips and we’re telling you to have fun? You don’t have to tell us the irony in that statement.

There are many ways to have some fun while you clean, like playing some music or turning cleaning into a game (especially if you have kids). Podcasts are a great way to pass the time and you can learn something new on the go.

It won't seem as daunting when it comes time clean if you make it fun; maybe, you will even find it enjoyable!


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