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Alycia Larocque Plays Jenga With The Boss

It’s finally here! The much anticipated second episode of Around the Cooler.

This is the show where we sit down with one of our brokers or industry friends, have some laughs, maybe a few drinks, and play a game.

In this episode, we have one of our newest team members and mortgage underwriters, Alycia Larocque, joining Quantus co-owner, Todd Fralic, to play Bachelorette Jenga…you’re just going to have to watch.

Tell Us Where You Grew Up

I was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta but spent most of my childhood living in Calgary, Alberta. I moved to London, Ontario when I was 10 and attended school all the way through to college. Once my studies were completed, I moved back to Grande Prairie to spend some time with family and decided to stay.

How Did You Get Into Mortgages?

I started my financial career in 2015 working for ATB Financial as a personal banking specialist. I found my love for mortgages working there and decided to branch out and work strictly on mortgages as an unlicensed assistant.

I love that mortgages are such an emotional purchase. It allows for you to build a personal connection with your clients which I love.

Why Do You Think It’s Important for a Broker to Use An Underwriter?

I think an underwriter plays an integral part of a broker’s business. They allow you to take a step back from the administrative stuff and really dive into getting out there and marketing to prospective clients.

I find that work-life balance is tough to get sometimes in this industry, and having an underwriter and sharing that workload helps quite a bit.

What Are You Most Proud Of?

I’m going to sound like a totally sappy mom here, but my kids are my pride and joy.

My oldest, Emerson, is ten and my youngest Brooks is one. They're obviously the reason that I strive to be better every day (even though Brooks can give me a run for my money some days!)

What Do You Like To Support in Your Community?

Aside from our home charity, Community Key, I like to support Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

My mother-in-law is the executive director of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Grande Prairie so we spend a lot of time at the events in and around the area. We're always helping out.

It's awesome—the mentorships that are built between the kids and the adults…it's so impactful.

Thanks Alycia for being a great sport during this interview! We promise…the video of you doing the macarena will remain locked away for good.


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